Impressive logistics and fleet management are core strengths for Sivyer. We invest heavily in these activities for environmental and cost benefits, and to ensure we meet our Duty of Care towards vulnerable road users and our own drivers. In the past year we spent £3m in our active vehicle replacement programme.

We are proud of our fleet of up-to-date low carbon heavy transport vehicles, and highly skilled in managing logistics through the overcrowded roads of London and the home counties. Importantly, we insist on the most advanced road safety equipment and the highest standards from our drivers.

Working out of Vic Deep, we also use Thames barges to export wastes and import Primary Aggregates, with significant carbon saving, and use rail to export wastes and import aggregates.

Fleet management

Sivyer’s dedicated and highly experienced traffic team manages a fleet of over 110 specialist vehicles for transporting wastes and our entire product range. The fleet includes self-loading grab lorries, tipping trailers, rigid tippers, flat backs, artics and concrete mixers, all equipped with onboard weigh-loaders.
Grab lorries are a key feature of our fleet, being used to deliver materials and for muck away.
Sivyer was among the first waste and resource management companies to use GPS. Together with a software based micro-management system, green fuels and other innovative technologies these help to achieve maximum efficiency so that we are fully cost effective for our customers and consistently meet the highest standards.

Truck hire

Lorries are available to hire as well as for moving wastes and construction materials for our customers. Please make enquiries via the contacts page.

Strategy for safety

Well-trained drivers, advanced safety features on the vehicles and a commitment to meeting the highest standards ensure that Sivyer’s vehicles are among the safest on London’s roads.
All our road vehicles are equipped with five-point cameras, including one in the cab, to help ensure that we meet our Duty of Care towards cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, and that any event is fully recordable.
H Sivyer (Transport) Ltd has been assessed and meets the Gold level requirements of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).
The company is a CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety programme) champion committed to improving road safety for vulnerable road users.
As part of Transport for London’s Safer Lorry Scheme, all our lorries over 3.5 tonnes gross weight have side guards and extended view mirrors to protect pedestrians and cyclists.
Our drivers take the Safer Urban Driving course as required by FORS and CLOCS, as part of their continuing professional development programme.